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For all parents: tips to relax and de-stress

You have a fast-paced busy life, making long days at work, being a chauffeur when picking up the kids and after that you are the master chef at home. You are a multifunctioning person,which can make you feel stressed and tired at times and that is absolutely normal. It is very important that you realise that experiencing stress is normal and that you start looking for solutions. However, you don’t have to do this alone; we came up with some great tips to help you manage your stress. April 17th is stress awareness day, and therefore this blog will tell you all the best tips to manage your stress.

Start a new hobby Just let go and make a list of everything that you have always wanted to learn. This can be as crazy as horse-riding, learning a new instrument or salsa classes. The essence is that it should be something that makes YOU happy. Ask your friends who share the same interest if they want to join. This will also make sure that you guys keep going as you can keep each other accountable and have more fun. However, you must be realistic in setting your goals. If you expect to go 4 days a week and won’t be able to do that, it will lead to discouragement and that is something that you definitely not want.

Meditate You might have come across this term many times but what is it actually? Meditation is basically a technique that diverts your attention and changes your mind. It is a thousand year old ancient practice which has its roots from India. You can do meditation in a sitting position and focus on breathing, counting, a calming memory or just keep it blank in your mind but make sure you are not distracted. Meditation helps the way you respond to stress. If you train your body to stay calm and relax, it will be able to recover itself and prevent mental and physical damage from stress. A few examples of benefits that meditation does to your body are: lowering blood pressure, boost blood circulation, lower heart rate, reduce cortisol levels, give more positive vibes and make you more patient. The best way to start is 5 minutes a day and then build this up to 30 minutes. Check out this video on YouTube for the best meditation beginners guide.

Take time out for yourself You love your family and they are your priority, however, you are important too. Do you remember the last time you went out with your friends or had a romantic evening with your partner? If the answer is no, this might be something you could pick up again. It can be as simple as going for lunch or watch a movie together. Talk with your partner about this and try to alternate each other so that both of you can have days for yourselves. Stay happy, because a happy parent is a happy child!

Leave stress at work You will probably be able to recognize this, sitting at home but still thinking about work and everything you need to do. It can be something big or small, but the importance is that it does nag you. So how do we leave our stress at work you ask? The first step is to set deadlines for yourself, a point of time where you stop working, picking up calls and answering e-mails. The moment you reach home, take at least 15 minutes, to talk to your partner or children and ask about their day. Prioritize your sleep and take days off in between to do things that make you feel happy and recharged.

Ask for help Parenthood is glorious, but it can be challenging as well. Which is why it is important to realise that it is okay to ask for help. This can be help from your partner, parents, friends or your boss. Asking for help does not make you a lesser parent, instead it is a sign that you are a strong person and you know what is best for you and your family.