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The beauty of adoption

The meaning of the word ‘family’ has changed over the years. It is not just a man and a woman who have children anymore. Families are way more diverse and exist out of the people you love the most. There are many parents that are not able to have a child of their own, but would love to  raise a child.  And parents that have a child, but are not able to take care of them. Adoption is a beautiful solution for this. It can bring out the best in you as you will experience how to build a meaningful relationship with a child who will forever be a part of your joyful family. This blog will give you more insights on adoption and how beautiful this journey is.

Adoption types

Domestic/traditional adoption

Domestic adoptions means: to adopt a child that is born in the same country as where you live. However, there are also three different options in domestic adoption. The first one is adoption where the biological parents of the child don’t meet the adoptive parents and don’t know anything about each other. The mother of the child gives her child to an agency and does not receive any further information. All information about the birth parents is hidden by the court and the adopting parents and child will never receive this information.

The second option is semi-open adoption, this means that the birth mother gets options to choose a suitable family to raise her child. Information to a certain extent will be provided to the biological parents, but no details such as an address. There can be physical contact between the adoption parents and birth parents if they wish for this throughout the years.

Another option is open adoption which means that the birth mother and adoption parents receive contact information about each other. The contact between both parents can continue even after the child is adopted. However, the extent can be decided by yourself.

International adoption

You can also choose to adopt a child that was born abroad, for example in a third world country. It could be that parents from these countries are unable to take care of their children, because of the situation in their country. You will truly save the life of a child that would face poverty and hardship throughout its life. There would be no better feeling in the world than seeing a smile on a child’s face and knowing that you are the reason for that. It is important to take into consideration that requirements are involved for this and rules and regulation around adoption are different in every country.

Adoption by a single person

There are many people that would like to have a child, but not have a partner. This should not stop you from being a parent at all, because it is possible to adopt a child as a single parent. There are many children on this earth, who are in need of a caring parent. So why can’t that parent be you? Relationships are not based on blood, but on trust, love, respect and appreciation for each other!

LGBTQ+ adoption

Unfortunately, mother nature decided that we can only create a  baby with the opposite gender. Luckily, these days there are different options to still have a child with your partner, even though it is biologically impossible. Adoption is one of the most chosen options! Wouldn’t it be beautiful to raise a child with your lovely partner?

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Adoption process

Once you have decided what type of adoption you want to opt for, it becomes easier to start the process and understand what’s the best for you and your partner. Usually, parents choose to work with an adoption agency, which makes sure that every child gets the best parents that can provide a place called home. The adoption process mainly consists of four steps which are: exploration, checks and registration, matching and moving in. It might look easy as it is only four steps, but keep in mind that this process usually takes 6 to 18 months.

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The entire journey will have its ups and downs, but it is really important that you don’t give up! It’s a matter of time before you are holding your bundle of joy in your hands, which will make you realise that every step was worth it. Your child will be forever grateful to you, that you gave him or her this wonderful life which was not possible without your love. This special bond will be cherished forever as the relationship between a child and parent is never ending.

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