11 things that happen when you become a mom

Becoming a mother changes your life. You become responsible for a little person who depends on you and looks up to you. You develop a new set of wants and needs, and learn to value new things. This article sums up 11 things that happen to most women when they become a mother. Shortly summarized:

1. You naturally become a late person.

2. You develop 'mom' brain.

3. You become exhausted.

4. You learn to share.

5. You become responsible.

6. You develop sensory overloads.

7. You will become exhausted, again.

8. You will become obsessed with your kids.

9. Nothing will be about you anymore, it's all about the kids.

10. You learn to stretch yourself.

11. You fall in love over and over again.

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Which one of these things do you recognize most?

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