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Baby-friendly ideas for enjoying the colder weather

The weather is cooling off, as Autumn transitions to Winter and we start to make plans for the season ahead!  Enjoy spending time with your baby in their Easywalker stroller or buggy, even when it’s cold outside with some of these fun activity ideas: 

Spending time with mother nature

With the right clothes and equipment, there is truly no such thing as bad weather! Go for a walk together in your local park and scout some of the best puddle-jumping opportunities (the messier the better). 

Or take your toddler on a fun scavenger hunt, with a list of things to find in nature, like unusual leaves, pinecones and chestnuts (taking extra care with their spiky exteriors in tiny hands). Your child will love learning all about their surroundings in such a hands-on way. 


Rosy cheeks and hot chocolate

Pick up a warming hot chocolate or coffee to go with the Easywalker clip-on cup holder, leaving your hands free. The cup holder can be attached to both the push bar and the bumper bar, perfect for a Babyccino of their own - as long as it’s not too hot!  

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Toasty fingers and toes

Make sure your baby is snug as a bug in a rug with an extra cosy Easywalker Footmuff. The lovely fabrics will feel nice and soft against their skin and the water-repellent foot pocket will keep your child dry and warm. Luckily our collection of Footmuffs are also machine washable, in case of spills (or muddy afternoons).

Go on a local adventure! 

Whether you are getting to know a new café in your neighbourhood, or discovering a museum together, there are limitless adventures to be enjoyed close to home with your baby this winter. 

Why not visit your nearest library in search of new and exciting stories? Many libraries organise special events and groups for babies, or storytelling sessions for older brothers and sisters. 

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow…

The Jimmey stroller has extra sturdy suspension and all-terrain wheels, perfect for navigating just about any weather. You can also adapt the Harvey³ and the Harvey³ Premium with our all-terrain wheel set for extra grip on slippery pavements. 

Jimmey’s built-in removable basket and the Harvey all-weather basket keep your things dry and have plenty of space to fill with groceries, extra layers or (dare we say it) Christmas gifts. It’s never too early to start!

Parent Tip: On especially chilly days, grab our luxurious knitted cuddle blanket for your stroller or buggy, as an extra layer.If the weather getsreally wild and stormy, enjoy a magical indoor picnic on it instead!