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Walk with Anja - Parents of Easywalker

Today we take a walk with Anja Beijaard. Anja is part of the customer care team at Easywalker. Besides working at Easywalker, she is also the mother of lovely Bo (1).  In this blog you will read about her daily routine and also what becoming a parent meant to her.

1.     What does a normal day look like for you?

We start our day in the most comfortable way possible: with the three of us in bed while Bo is having her bottle. Once we are ready to go to work one of the grandmas comes to pick up Bo or we take her to day care (which is once a week). Once Bo is picked up, I am ready to start my day at the office. We have an amazing team with a positive vibe, which makes every day a happy day! When I am done with work, I go home to prepare dinner together with my husband. Bo just started to eat the same meals as us and it is so nice to see her eat new things! Before bedtime Bo has a shower and her last bottle. Once Bo is sleeping it is time for us – I enjoy horseback riding on Wednesdays and my husband plays football twice a week.

2.      In what way did becoming a parent change you?

In every way! It has taken a lot of adjusting for both me and my husband. Before we had Bo, we were always on the go with friends and family and did not stay at home very often. However, changes are necessary when there is a little human that relies on you. I am now more at home than I have ever been. At the same time more relaxed and at ease with myself as well. When she smiles, especially when she is a little naughty, my heart melts and I can’t stop being proud of ourselves for creating such a beautiful little person.

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3.       How do you combine your career with parenting?

Very well, thanks to two amazing grandmothers, her awesome dad and a great daycare! If someone is unable to take care of her for a day then we just swap days. So far there haven’t been any issues for us. It helps when the people around you are supportive and flexible as well. 

4.      Did your priorities change after becoming a parent?

Yes! I think this counts for every parent. Sometimes I feel like an octopus but at the end of the day I still manage to do what is the most important. It is important to not look back on the failures of a day but at the thing you succeeded in.

5.      What is a lesson you have learned from your children?

That the smallest things can make you happy! She doesn’t need more than a cardboard box to be entertained and I love that. I think that adults can learn a lot from what makes children happy 😊

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6.      Easywalker is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. If you could give your kids some advice for when they turn 30, what would this advice be?

1.Live your life to the fullest because you only get to live it once. 2. Always try to be kind to everybody, it doesn’t cost anything and will give you so much more in return. 3. ENJOY IT!

7.      What is something that you and your child bond over?

We love to cuddle together. Even though I am not a fan of swimming, I get to enjoy Bo’s big smile in the water because she loves it. A big part of our bonding is eating as we all love food!

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8.      How would your children describe you?

I hope kind, sweet, happy and always there for her… she doesn’t talk yet, so I have no idea. In the future she will probably describe me differently but that is parenting 😉

9.      Favorite activity you like to do with your kid(s)?

At this moment we enjoy cycling, swimming and taking baths. We have also been to the Zoo for the first time but Bo was more impressed by the ducks than any other animal. This will probably change every month as she starts to learn more.

10.   What is a Golden Tip you would like to give to Mommy’s and Daddy’s to be?

Take it as it is! Don’t put too much pressure on your shoulders, ask for help when needed and don’t be ashamed to do so. Parenthood can be really daunting and can make you really insecure. That is such a waste of time and unnecessary because everybody feels the same way and we all do our best. Just enjoy the ride and be thankful for the times together because time is running by and it goes way too fast.

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