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Adapting your easywalker

Escrito el March 22nd por Nora Zougari

At Easywalker, our mission is to make it easier for you and your child to explore the world together. One of the most important aspects of any Easywalker stroller or buggy is the ability to adapt to your busy routine.

Your Easywalker stroller or buggy transforms into a compact, free standing bundle at the touch of a button. But did you know it can also grow in height, double up or modify to fit a car seat with a simple click, using one of our useful adapter sets? Because it’s the little things that make all the difference when navigating life with your baby.


Raise your stroller seat to new heights

Whether you would prefer to stroll around with the seat in a higher position or want to elevate the seat when eating out, our height adapter (compatible with Harvey³ and Jimmey strollers, available separately) raises your child up for complete convenience.

Your child will love sitting tall at the table when you eat together and a higher seat position also means you won’t strain your back if you lean down to scoop them up for a cuddle.


On a roll: from car to stroller or buggy in the blink of an eye

If your child is fast asleep by the time you reach the car park, there’s no need to disturb their nap time to transfer them onto a new set of wheels.

Easywalker car seat adapter sets mean you can easily attach your car seat to the frame of your stroller or buggy. Adapter sets are currently available for Harvey³ and Jimmey strollers and the Jackey / Jackey XL buggies.

The adapters are safe, flexible and compatible with most car seat brands on the market (read our full compatibility list for more details).

Twice as nice

If your family is growing and you need room for two, our Harvey³ and Harvey³ Premium strollers can be customised with our duo stroller extension set (the height adapters are helpful too).

Convert your single stroller to comfortably seat two children, with plenty of different combinations depending on your family’s unique needs and the ages of your little ones:

- Two seats (one seat is included per stroller).
- Seat + carrycot.
- Carrycot + Twin carrycot (available separately).

Wherever you and your baby (or babies!) roam together, let nothing hold you back - because life really is glorious!

Parent Tip: Curious to know more about our flexible duo stroller options? We’ve put together a practical guide to converting your stroller into duo mode.

Escrito el March 22nd por Nora Zougari

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Start adapting your Easywalker

Here are some nifty inventions to let your Easywalker grow in height or double up into a duo stroller!