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5 musts for your summer strolls

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Summer is well and truly underway! This time of year means blue skies, scoops of ice cream and paddling in the nearest pool (or sea) to cool off. At Easywalker, we’re making the most of the great weather with lots of outdoor adventures. 

 It’s a beautiful season to make memories together as a family, whether you’re playing in your own back garden, exploring the city around you or discovering somewhere new. Here are 5 things to take with you on summer strolls, so you feel equipped for anything: 


Everything you need at your fingertips

Pack the Nursery Bag with all the ingredients for a wonderful summer afternoon. With plenty of pockets for all your necessities, two fabric bottle holders and a practical changing mat, it’s the perfect way to feel organised with anything you may need on the  go. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, healthy snacks, and a towel (just in case you stop somewhere for a dip)! 

H2: Thirsty Work 

Stay hydrated with the clip-on cup holder, which (with our unique accessory system) can be attached to the handle bar of our buggies, or to the bumper bar of any Easywalker product. It can also be used on any stroller or buggy with the universal attachment - so you can always keep a refreshing drink within easy reach. 


Mosquitos, be gone!

Banish the bugs with our collection of lightweight mesh mosquito nets to protect your little one from insects. They are easy to attach and detach, simple to store in the attached pouch and there is a model for every buggy and stroller in our range.

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All the shade

All Easywalker built-in sun canopies have UPF50+ protection, but on extra sunny days, customise your buggy or stroller with our detachable sun visor, which is a universal fit for all Easywalker products. The extra shade means your baby can nap anywhere, staying comfortable and cool. Read more of our tips on keeping your baby safe in the sunshine here.

Ready to rock and “roll”

Make it all the way home after a day of fun with a little bit of assistance from the Easyboard.  Walking in the heat can be especially tiring for little legs so if you have an older child, save their energy for playtime with an Easyboard. 

 Suitable for children up to 4 years old (or up to 15kg), it’s compatible with the Harvey Collection, Charley, Miley, Jimmey and the MINI Buggy GO and MINI Buggy Turn. Parent Tip: If you live in a warmer climate, you might want to switch to our soft summer inlay with breathable lining and cushioning to keep your baby nice and cool. Designed for the MINI Stroller but with a universal fit for all buggies and strollers.