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5 reasons I love my husband more after having a baby

Becoming a parent for the first time is a wonderful and exciting experience. Many say it is impossible for any of us to know what kind of parent we will be until we become one. And this means that the start of this new chapter of parenthood does not only change you as a person, but also your partner, and your relationship. In this article by the Huffington Post a newborn mother shares a list of 5 reasons she loves her husband more after having a baby. Shortly summarized:

1. He gives me serious props for the amount of physical pain I can endure

2. He makes the most ridiculous sounds and faces when he interacts with our baby

3. He wants more kids even though this is the hardest thing we've done together

4. He's not afraid of smelly, sticky situations

5. He says I'm the best mom, and I believe him

Read the full article here: Huffpost article

What made you love your partner more after having a baby?