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Foodblog for toddlers

Time is flying, your baby is growing so fast that it is already time to start feeding homemade baby food. Baby food can be very easy to prepare and delicious at the same time. These are not the only benefits, homemade food is also fresh, nutritious and also more cost-saving than readymade processed baby food from the supermarket. You know exactly what you are feeding your baby and can also adjust the flavours according to what your child prefers and they can also get familiar with your cultural food. You might be wondering what would be the right time to start giving your child homemade food and what are some good recipes. In this blog we will provide you with some tasty recipes which your little one will love!

When to start giving your baby homemade food

Every child is different of course, but usually when babies are 6 months old, they start to get interested in what adults and especially their parents are eating. This is also the moment you should start by trying out different recipes to give your baby. The reaction in the beginning can be disappointing and your baby might refuse to eat. Don’t give up and try out different tastes and flavours!

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Kitchen equipment for baby food

The main parts in preparing food for your baby is to steam, roast or bake and blend the used ingredients with some water, breast milk or any other formula. By steaming the food, the nutrients will be preserved the most. Nowadays, there are so many products on the market to prepare food for your little one. There are products on the market that offer the possibility to steam, blend,  heat or defrost the food for your baby , but there are also simplified food processors or grinders. Even if you don’t  own a certain product, there is no need to worry as you can simply use a potato blender to prepare the food. The most important thing is that there should be no chunks in the food, so that your baby can easily eat it.


The recipes for baby food can be as easy as just blending an avocado, kiwi, beans and any other fruit or vegetable. It is recommended to use single ingredient recipes when your child is between 4 and 6 months old, as it will be easier for you to discover any allergies. Between 7 and 9 months, it is possible to mix some ingredients which will give a better taste. Try to take little steps and start by adding only one new taste at a time. At this stage, the food can also be a bit thicker. You can also take it to the next level and try out some new healthy recipes for which you don’t have to be a ‘’MasterChef’’. Below you will find some websites, which will provide you with easy, tasty and healthy recipes for your baby!