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Get ready for the rainy season

The rainy season is here! As we say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn showers, it’s the perfect time to think about preparing for a new season of outdoor fun. 

It might be pouring outside, but don’t be put off spending time in nature and going for rainy-day strolls. Easywalker strollers and buggies have been carefully designed to face the elements so that with the right planning, you can enjoy even the wettest days with your baby! 

Rain, rain, go away!

As well as being sustainable and hard-wearing, Easywalker fabrics on our buggies and strollers are water repellant. We’ve made sure our nursery bags are too, for busy on-the-go parents to bring anywhere, without worrying about the weather.

Give me shelter

The recently launched Jackey XL buggy has our biggest sun canopy yet. The XXL size is not only good for providing shade, but shelter too! Pull it down low over your baby to shield them from light rain or drizzle. 

The automatic folding system means you can transform the buggy to a compact, self-standing bundle with the touch of a button (leaving your other hand free to hold your own umbrella)! 

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Singing in the Rain..

When a downpour really hits, our collection of rain covers keep your little one snug and protected. Included with every buggy and stroller carrycot (available separately for stroller seats), they are easy to attach and remove, conveniently folding away as soon as the sun shines again. Your baby will be mesmerised by the water droplets, watching them run down the surface of the cover.

Navigate the slipperiest pavements 

Our Harvey³ stroller drives like a dream on every surface, with large wheels and great suspension. Heading out of the city and going off road? Upgrade to the Harvey all-terrain wheel set, to go even further!

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Sweater Weather

Keep plenty of layers handy to make sure your baby doesn’t get cold in the damp air. Our Harvey³ Premium footmuff is water repellent, with a luxurious soft interior for the cosiest ride. 

Keep your things dry in an all weather basket

Weather-proof your sandwiches and avoid a soggy snack time when the weather gets really wild with the Harvey all weather basket. The close top with zip keeps your possessions dry and still within easy reach, whether you’re picking up groceries or venturing out to the park.

Don’t let a blustery day hold you back - because life is glorious, even in the rain! 

Parent Tip: Don’t forget emergency wellies for jumping in puddles and an old towel for drying off again! So your little one can make muddy memories and play outside without a care in the world. A towel is also useful for wiping down swings or slides at the park, to avoid wet bottoms! 

Safety First! Always take care to stay indoors if thunder and lightning begin to strike.