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Get ready for your Autumn strolls!

Autumn is approaching and that back-to-school feeling is in the air. At Easywalker we love this time of year as the colours start to change around us and the weather gradually cools. Experiencing autumn for the first time with your baby is so special, seeing the world through their eyes as the trees burst into bright reds and oranges. 

If your little one is already standing or walking they will love jumping in crunchy leaves and if they’re still too small, watching the leaves fall all around from their stroller or buggy is a sensory experience in itself.

Get ready to play in even the most unpredictable autumn weather this year with Easywalker.

Four seasons in one day

Unsure what you need for a typical autumn day out when you might encounter all four seasons in a short time? All Easywalker strollers and buggies come with an easy to attach rain cover to keep your child dry and sheltered from the wind on blustery days. 


On those fresh, sunny autumn afternoons when the bright light dips lower in the sky, our sun canopies (like the XL one on the Jimmey stroller) keep the sun out of your little one’s eyes. 


Should the temperatures really dip, keep your little one extra warm and snug in an Easywalker footmuff, which come in different versions to match our strollers and buggies (like the Jimmey Footmuff in Sand Taupe). Luxurious and soft, they have been carefully designed to cocoon and shelter your little one from the elements when it gets chilly outside. 


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Off to the pumpkin patch with Jimmey

The all terrain puncture-proof wheels of the Jimmey stroller can handle the rugged fields of your local pumpkin patch with ease. Enjoy a hands free pumpkin spice latte (if that’s your thing) with the clip-on cup holder and keep an extra, knitted blanket and other layers tucked into the large detachable basket for a cosy, fun day out for all the family. 


Autumnal weekend adventures with Jackey Special Editions

All Easywalker strollers and buggies have 4-wheel suspension, making it easier and smoother for you and your baby to move around on tricky surfaces (like pavements covered in fallen leaves). 


The Jackey Special Editions’ super easy one-handed folding system makes it an excellent choice for weekends in the city and fun mini-breaks. The wheels can detach to make the self-standing bundle even smaller - ideal for transporting in a small car boot!

Trick or Treat with Miley²  


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Embrace those autumn hues with the sunset red version of Miley² which comes in a range of nature inspired colours, is compact and easy to steer. 

This Halloween, snuggle your baby into our shadow black footmuff and if their sibling is old enough for trick or treating, take them on a stroll through your neighbourhood with the Easyboard accessory, just in case their legs get tired (or things get a little spooky).

Parent Tip: As the days get shorter, the LED Light can be attached to your bumper bar for extra visibility after dark. The Jackey Special Editions in Emerald and Platinum also have reflective stripes on the wheels so you’re extra visible.