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Maintenance tips to keep your buggy looking brand new

Life with a baby or toddler is filled with wonderful moments - seeing them grow and learn every day is one of the most magical aspects of being a parent. 

We also know things can get a little messy, which is why Easywalker buggies are designed to withstand everything that daily life throws at you (often literally)

We have carefully designed each of our buggies to be as easy as possible to maintain for busy families who love to enjoy the great outdoors

Embrace the fun, joys and messiness of life with these simple care tips for long lasting strolls with your Easywalker buggy: 

Withstanding the elements

Any hardware including the wheels can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or gentle spray cleaner to get rid of any leaves or mud, leaving you to go off-road and explore the glorious world around you with your little one, whatever the weather

Life’s a beach

Spending the day by the ocean? Rinse off any sand or seawater from the wheels as soon as you can to make sure the sea salt doesn’t damage the metal frames or make them rusty. 

As good as new

Try to store your buggy out of direct sunlight to preserve the fabulous colour you’ve chosen, as excessive sunlight may lighten or fade the fabric over long periods of time. 

Fresh as a daisy 

To keep your buggy smelling fresh, always make sure to air dry before folding it up or putting it away. The same goes for your rain cover after a shower. 


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Oh Crumbs

Use a flexible attachment on your vacuum cleaner to hoover up any loose crumbs or dirt from those difficult-to-reach corners. Our clip-on snack tray also has a handy container for snacking on the move and the food tray is good at catching any spills (both are dishwasher safe). 

Fabric Care

We include detailed instructions with each product on how to care for the different fabrics, to keep your buggy looking spotless and smelling divine. As well as being sustainable and water repellent, the specially chosen fabrics are straightforward to detach and clean. 

The fabrics of the seat, canopy, harness and underseat basket fabrics of the Miley² and MINI Buggy GO are all machine washable, while the fabrics of the Jackey and Mini SNAP buggies can be hand washed with a gentle detergent. Avoid using bleach or harsh products which may impact the fabric (or the health of your little one). 

Easywalker products are tough and built to last as your family grows together. The right care and maintenance really will keep your buggy looking and feeling new for years to come. 

Parent Tip: Remove tricky stains or stubborn marks using a soft bristle toothbrush and some gentle washing up liquid or child-friendly soap.