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The Jimmey stroller goes green

“The one that has it all”, our Jimmey stroller has arrived in an all new colour: Pine Green! Inspired by beautiful pine forests and the calming effects of nature, this new colourway of our much-loved Easywalker stroller will make sure you stand out for all the right reasons. 

Transport your baby to the trees of a snowy winter forest or a luscious jungle canopy without ever leaving the city with this newly launched colour. A deeper shade than our popular Thyme Green Jimmey- now your family has even more colourful options to choose from.

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Discover the world together,  comfortably

Get out and explore your surroundings from the earliest days together, knowing that your tiny newborn is comfortable and relaxed in the Jimmey’s extra soft, spacious carrycot.

For a happy baby (and especially happy parents) the carrycot also features a clever anti-reflux system with a built-in height adjuster that lets you create an incline position to reduce reflux.


The magic of TENCEL™

The padded mattress of the Jimmy carrycot is covered with TENCEL™, a breathable, skin-friendly and thermo-regulating fabric made from natural fibres that helps keep your baby at the perfect temperature. 

TENCEL™ is a sustainably sourced textile produced in an eco-friendly, closed loop system and also happens to be bacteria-resistant, so your Jimmey looks its best (and stays smelling nice and fresh too). 

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A stroller that grows and changes with your little one

The adjustable leg rest means the Jimmey easily adapts to fit your growing child, with an interchangeable canopy and bumper bar that can be used on the carrycot and seat. 

The integrated travel system gives you the ultimate flexibility to have your baby facing you or looking out at the world. The stroller can switch from a car seat, to a parent or world-facing seat with ease. 

An extendable windshield, XL canopy with sun visor and ventilation system all make the Jimmey extra versatile for your child’s comfort year-round.  

Every parent wants the best for their children. I tried the Jimmey, these are the best wheels for my child. The comfortable ride, the variance of settings, the quality,.. it ticks all the boxes.” - Patricia, mother of Hayden


Oh the places you’ll go

Experience family adventures without limits. With Jimmey’s puncture-proof tyres and superior suspension, there’s nowhere you can’t go. Whether you are roaming in an urban setting or discovering uncharted terrain, you can be sure your stroller will keep up, on and off-road!

Jimmey is the stroller that literally has everything, leaving you to enjoy the best bits of life and explore the world around you with confidence! 

Parent Tip: Every season brings new wonderful moments with your little one - get ready for Autumn strolls with these useful Easywalker tips.