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Welcome to the world! How to get ready for your first stroll together

Your first outing together is a significant moment for any parent after the arrival of a new baby. Many first-time parents wonder when they can take their tiny newborn out in their Easywalker stroller and the answer is as soon as you feel ready. 

The key is to start small, with short walks around your neighbourhood while you grow in confidence and get to know one another. Follow these useful tips to ensure you feel secure and have a relaxed experience on your first stroll out in the world together.

A practical stroller for parents

If you’re wondering where to begin, the Jimmey stroller is definitely “the one that has it all”. Excellent suspension and sturdy wheels make your stroll feel as smooth as possible as you start to experience the big wide world with your new addition to the family.

Enjoy some fresh air and time out and about for yourselves as parents while your baby sleeps in between feeds. Spending time outdoors and especially in nature has such a positive impact on our health and wellbeing.

The most comfortable journey for your baby

With any newborn, comfort is king. As well as being a smooth ride, one clever feature of the Jimmy carrycot is a built-in anti-reflux system which adjusts your baby to an incline position that minimises reflux, particularly important after feeding the baby during your walk.

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A cosy cocoon in rain or shine

The Jimmey carrycot is shaped like a comforting shell thanks to the XL canopy with sun visor and extendable windshield, providing much needed shelter on cold and windy days.

The padded mattress is also covered with thermo-regulating TENCEL ™, a sustainable, breathable and skin friendly fabric, ensuring your baby’s environment feels as soft and nurturing as possible.

Make sure you have plenty of layers at this time of year, especially a hat that covers their tiny ears, mittens and a super comfortable blanket. Don’t forget to keep yourself warm too, with the handy clip-on cup holder to hold your hot drink (so you don’t have to)! 

Everything you need within easy reach

Stock up on everything you need to feel ready for action and pack your Easywalker nursery bag with plenty of nappies (a few more than you think you might need), wet wipes and an extra outfit, just in case you get “caught out”. The Jimmey also has a convenient removable shopping basket with enough room to keep extra layers, a changing mat and more. 

The most important thing of all is to enjoy the precious moments and each new experience, as your baby discovers this beautiful world around them. 

Parent Tip: Even though Easywalker fabrics are water repellent, don’t forget to take a rain cover (included with every stroller carrycot and available separately for stroller seats).