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Walk with: Marlous

Today we take a walk with Marlous Pennock. Marlous is Key Account Manager for the Netherlands at Easywalker. Besides working at Easywalker, she is an amazing mother to two little girls Jente (7) and Noa (4). In this blog she talks about how she combines work with motherhood, being a mother and more.

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What does a normal day look like for you?

On a normal day I wake up at 6:30, take a shower and wake up my little girls. We have breakfast together, brush our teeth and then I put ponytails in their hair and off to school it is. After dropping them off at school, my workday starts. Depending on my schedule I will be on the road to sell new strollers or buggies, create presentations or train staff at the stores. Around 17:30, me or my husband will pick up the girls and we have dinner together. After that it is time for them to play and get into the bath. Around 19:30 the girls go to bed and our evening starts. We usually do sports, see friends or just enjoy the evening and watch a movie. And before I go to bed I always walk the dogs.

How do you combine your career with parenting?

When you enjoy your job and have a life of your own, you can be a nice mom at home. Being appreciated at work gives me energy and wings. It really makes me happy! I am not the type of mom to be waiting around all day to pick up the kids from school. But I really enjoy having a day off on Friday , as it is always a celebration day on which I get to pick up the kids early (my husband does this on Wednesday).

In what way did becoming a parent change you?

A lot!! Wow, a life changer in every way. All the clichés are true! There are heavy times when the kids are not in a good mood or when they are ill, but..You get a lot of love from them in return. They are just the best thing that can happen to you and soon you will realize that those tiny human beings are the most important people in your life!

Did your priorities change after becoming a parent?

Yes! It might sound boring, but: “When your kids are happy, you are happy as well!”

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What is a lesson you have learned from your children?

I have learned to enjoy the little things in life more, like seeing a bee in the garden, having ice cream. Also just singing songs all day long because you are happy and not feeling ashamed for it.

Easywalker is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. If you could give your kids some advice for when they turn 30, what would this advice be?

I would tell them to do what they like the most and not let others decide for them what to do or when to be happy. Just be yourself and be happy.

What is something that you and your child bond over?

We really enjoy nature and animals together. We have two cats, two dogs, chickens, fishes and a spawn at our place. We also share the love of horseback riding. 

How would your children describe you?

I just asked my older daughter and she said a lovely mom, a good cook, animal lover and someone who does a lot of nice things for us (her and her sister).

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Do you have a favorite activity with your kid(s)?

We enjoy spending time together in nature, going to the beach or the forest. Also we like to plan a girls night every now and then on which we eat sushi and ice cream. We also like to take a relaxing bath together and do each other’s makeup.

What is a Golden Tip that you would like to give to Mommy’s and Daddy’s (to be)?

To really enjoy the little things, because the illness will go away. You will forget the negative parts and remember the lovely parts you shared together. They grow op too fast, therefore make sure to enjoy them now that they are tiny humans by hugging them before they grow up and maybe even become taller than you. Also… always believe in the beauty of bonding!