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Rudey - The reliable ride

Have you already heard it? Easywalker is proudly launching its newest stroller. Meet our latest arrival Rudey - The reliable ride. The Easywalker Rudey is our most spacious stroller, and was designed to last. . With comfort and reliability built into its sturdy frame, and large wheels with extra profile tires, Rudey won’t let you down. Whether you’re out exploring in nature or strolling through the city, Rudey is your spacious travel companion on every family adventure.

The Rudey comes in a complete package with the frame, seat and a roomy carrycot. The carrycot has an anti-reflux mattress and organic cotton lining, so your baby sleeps in a soft, comfortable environment.

Besides that, Rudey has a large seat with up to 3 reclining positions, to provide your little one with premium comfort and support. But, that’s not all! The large anti-leak wheels with 4-wheel suspension provide optimal stability to ensure the steadiest ride you’ll find in the full-size stroller category for both you and your baby.

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The Easywalker Rudey is super flexible and can be used in multiple ways:

•With carrycot, which can be used for new-borns until the age of approximately 6 months

•With car seat, perfect for travelling

•With parent-facing seat, so you can constantly stay connected to your little one, by constant interaction. This is also good for the development of your child.

•With world-facing seat, as there comes a time after a few months that your baby starts to be curious about what is happening around them, and wants to explore the world around them.

The Unique Accessory System allows you to attach your favourite accessory onto the handlebar and/or bumper bar with a single click. Kids love the steering wheel to play with while being pushed around in Rudey, as it gives them the feeling that they are riding the stroller themselves. Other accessories that fit onto the unique system are a phone holder, a cup holder, and a LED-light.

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Since many of our customers love a large shopping basket, we have created our largest basket ever for Rudey, giving you plenty of space to store your groceries and making it easier for you to bring along all you need for a fun day out with your family

The basket also has a special rain cover storage space, and the front wheels with swivel lock make it easy for you to move around, no matter the terrain. All-in-all, Rudey is one of the most safe and reliable rides you can find.

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The unique leatherette bumper- and handlebar give Rudey a stylish look, and the handlebar is height adjustable. This way both you and your partner can adjust the handlebar to a comfortable height.

Last but not least, at Easywalker we are committed to the environment and we want to contribute to a sustainable future. For this reason the fabrics used for Rudey are made of recycled plastic bottles.

Whatever your family needs, Rudey is your reliable ride!

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