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Friendship after baby

Katherine Martinelli has good news for us all: “Being a parent doesn’t mean your social life is over!” While you are busy obsessing over whether your sweet little ones have reflux, how much they’re sleeping and if they’re eating enough, your childless friends carry on with their own fun-filled adult lives and grown-up concerns. It’s not hard to see how a gulf could form between you and your non-mom friends, but Katherine’s message is clear: it doesn’t have to be that way. As a mom of two, she has learned a lot about balancing friendships and parenthood. She also learned that her friendships kept her grounded and acted as her lifeline to the non-parenting world. In this article, she shares the lessons that have helped her strike a balance between friendships and parenthood. One of them is bring the kids. Bringing the kids along in social situations has multiple benefits. For one, they will get to know and love the people you love. Not only that, but your kids will learn to feel comfortable around other parents. And taking them along to meet the people you care about means you don’t have to miss out all that much either.

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Parents: how did you keep up with your friends?