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All you need to know about the Harvey³ collection

In 2018 the first Harvey collection was launched. It was created so that parents and their new-borns could bond, while easily exploring this glorious world together. Since then, we have received several awards for this amazing stroller. So why stop at one? Or even two? Together with our community we kept on improving the stroller, to create the best match for young parents. Third time is a charm, right? Which is why we have proudly launched the third collection of the Harvey stroller. It is better than ever, more elegant than before, and even smoother to ride and explore this glorious world with! 

Let us start off by telling you what makes the Harvey collection so great in general. First of all, it's a very comfortable ride for both your baby and you. With its large wheels, great suspension, different views and positions, you and your little one can easily and comfortably explore this glorious world together. Secondly, it is extremely lightweight and compact when folded which makes it even easier to travel with your baby. Thirdly, the Harvey ³ grows with you, because you can convert into a duo stroller for a little brother or sister. And lastly, the fabrics are made of recycled PET bottles, so it is not only beautiful, but also sustainable. 

Not convinced yet? Or are you just very curious about the other details, improvements, different colours and differences between the Harvey³ and the Harvey³ Premium? Well definitely keep on reading then because we LOVE to talk about the Harvey collection! 

8 improvements from Harvey² to Harvey³ 

1. Bigger wheels: For an even smoother ride on every surface. 

2. Extendable leg rest: the leg rest can be extended when your baby has grown, so they have a comfortable ride no matter the age or size. 

3. Sustainable fabrics: because we want our children to enjoy this world for as long as they can. 

4. Unique Accessory System: to add practical or fun accessories. 

5. Ergonomic harness with 3 positions: so that you can easily lift the child out of the seat. The harness can also be extended once your child has grown.  

6. Enlarged sun visor: to protect your baby from the sun. 

7. Extra spacious carrycot: for more comfort.

8. XL sun canopy carrycot: to protect your baby from the sun and for long and comfortable naps. 

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Do you see now why we love this stroller so much? And there is more! For the ones who want to go the extra mile, we have the Harvey³ Premium. 

Differences between the Harvey³ and the Harvey³ Premium 

1. Anti-reflux mattress carrycot: offers maximum comfort. 

2. Extra ventilation window carrycot: for more fresh air and for your baby to look outside if it prefers to lay on its belly. 

3. Magnetic buckle: so, you can get your kid even faster and easier out of the seat. 

4. Pockets on back of seat: to keep your belongings, like your wallet and keys, close to you. It can also be used to quickly access your favourite magazine of book! 

5. Reflective stripe: for the elegance and safety. 

6. Closed basket: it is large and waterproof. 

7. Luxurious fabrics & details: beautifull leatherette details combined with diamond stichting on the seat and carrycot.

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Colour collection

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Now you have read all about the practicalities of the Harvey³ collection, it is time to show you our beautifull colour collection. Want more pictures and details? Click here to visit the harvey³ collection on our website. 

Positions and Duo Mode  And it does not stop there! The Harvey³ also has a duo mode with many different options:  

Carrycot and seat 

Two carrycots (classic + twin carrycot) 

Two seats 

Two car seats

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Unique Accessory System  We did not stop at just a smooth and comfortable ride with our Unique Accessory System you can be extra safe and have even more fun! There is nothing better than seeing your baby smile, right?! 

With our Unique accessory system, you can attach a Steering wheel, and a led-light on the bumper bar of your Harvey³! 

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Life is glorious, let’s go!  After 30 years we are still inspired and motivated to make the bonding process between new parents and their baby as smoothly and beautiful as possible, by motivating them to go out and explore this glorious world with our strollers and buggy’s. We truly believe that there is nothing more beautiful then rediscovering this world through the eyes of your child.  

The Harvey³ was designed to make this happen for young parents. It is a stroller that the Easywalker team is proud of, and we will continue to grow more and more throughout the years.  

More questions about the Harvey³ collection? Do not hesitate to contact the customer service, and check our socials for more information, updates and inspiration!