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Answering Mom’s-to-be most frequently asked questions

Congratulations, you are expecting! This is going to be one of the most glorious and exciting phase of your life. Your family is about to grow with the addition of a little one. As the delivery date is nearing, we understand that you might have many questions in mind about how to prepare for the due date and what to do and not to do during your pregnancy.  We know that it feels like a never-ending list that you need to tick off your baby comes. Do not worry! In this blog we will talk about the most frequently asked questions by moms to be, to make sure that everything is perfect when your baby is born.

When should we start preparing the baby-room?

Mostly during the second trimester, you will be feeling at your best and this is also the moment you might get to know the gender of your baby and accordingly start to plan the baby room. You could start off by using the internet for inspiration; Pinterest especially has great inspiration and tips & tricks. It would be a good deadline to have the baby room ready when you are 36 weeks pregnant. This could give you a feeling of assurance and satisfaction and allow you to focus only on the arrival of the little one.

What are the main products that I should have in the baby room?

To start with, the most important thing to have is a crib or bassinet where your child can sleep. For that bed you need bedding which should be soft and comfortable. Apart from that, it is good to have a changing table in the room, to change the diapers daily. Since you will need to have many baby clothes, diapers, wipes, clothes, toys and many other things, it is handy to have some baskets where you can store everything and of course a dresser. Apart from that it is good to have a baby bouncer chair and a car seat.

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What should I pack in my hospital bag?

Make sure to have your own toiletry bag which has all the essential things such as toothbrush, paste, shampoo, soap, deo, hairbands, and some wipes are recommended to keep you fresh. Your feet will be swollen after the delivery so do not forget to bring your slippers as this is the only thing that will fit. If you prefer, you can bring a nursery bra, but you can also choose not to wear anything. However, if you choose to wear a bra, do not forget to bring nursing pads as this will help your clothes to remain dry. Bring some very comfortable clothes to wear after the delivery and a bath robe after your shower at the hospital. If you have a favourite pillow, do not hesitate to bring that as well. Bring your charger as it will help you pass time, but also when the little one is born it will be so exciting to share this news with your loved ones and to take pictures of your first moments together. It might also be an idea to bring snacks and things to keep yourself entertained such as magazines or an iPad that you love, as it’s going to be a long day. Also bring some clothes for your little one and do not forget the car seat and make sure you know how to use it in advance.

What is important in a stroller?

This is one of the main aspects that you should consider as a stroller is probably the biggest purchase you will be making during your pregnancy. A stroller will be your best companion when going out to explore the world with your child. There are a lot of strollers on the market designed for different interests. Some who live in the city might prefer a more compact and lighter stroller; like the Easywalker Charley, and others prefer a more comfortable, premium quality stroller like the Harvey³ Premium. Easywalker offers many different strollers that will meet your needs. But as long as the stroller rides smoothly and comfortably for both the parent and the baby, you will be alright.

A tip is to try out Easywalker strollers in one of the many stores to see how it fits you.

What should I avoid eating and drinking during pregnancy?

Everybody has his or her own opinion on what you should eat and drink during your pregnancy. These are just some basic things that discouraged, such alcohol, raw meat, and uncooked seafood. So unfortunately, no sushi with a glass of wine for you! Besides, it is good to check with your midwife/doctor what is right for your body and your pregnancy, since every body is different.

How much weight will I put on during my pregnancy?

The amount of weight added during pregnancy varies for every woman. On average, most women tend to gain 10 up to 12,5 kg during their pregnancy. And remember; you are growing a human being. The biggest transformation takes place after you reach 20 weeks of pregnancy. The main reason for this is that your baby is simply growing more and your body is getting ready to make milk and that’s why it starts to save fat.

Can I exercise while I’m pregnant?

Definitely! Keep exercising but as you will continue in your pregnancy, don’t forget to slow it down a bit and listen to your body. Your body can have daily activities such as walking, swimming, yoga, pilates and aerobics. This will also help you to feel fit and get back in shape faster after your delivery.

When will I feel the first kick?

Most woman feel their first kick between week 14 and 26 of their pregnancy, but this varies for every woman of course. It will feel like a tickle, tap or flutters in your belly when it happens. During your pregnancy, you will start to understand the movements of your baby and understand his pattern which will be the same after the delivery for some time.