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How to get back in shape after delivery

It might have been a couple of weeks since you delivered your little one or you might be getting worried about how your post birth body would be looking after giving birth. Let us tell you, do not worry! This should not be a priority on your mind. But when you feel like you are ready to get back in shape, this article has some great tips for you!  You must be having many questions in mind such as what really is the right time to start working out, what exercises should I do and how do I have to build this up? In this blog we will answer all your questions and give you the best tips to get back in shape!

Exercises after birth Below you will find a couple of exercise that you can do after giving birth:

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You can start with these exercises two or three days after the delivery of your baby, depending on how you feel To do the exercise, tighten the muscles in the pelvic area for approximately 10 seconds and then relax. Keep repeating this during the exercises shown above. By doing so, the blood flow in the perineum will be stimulated and this will help you to recover quicker. In addition to that, keep exhaling deeply so that your hips and abdominals start working together and it becomes easier to get in shape like before.

Listen to your body

So many changes will be taking place in your body during pregnancy and after delivery. Your body worked very hard to grow a baby . During the first weeks after delivery a good first exercise you can start with is going for walks. You could start this quite soon but remember to listen to your own body. Take your baby with you in the stroller and take long walks in the nature. This is also a great first bonding experience. Nowadays every smartphone has a calorie tracker so you could use this to keep track of your progress. The best way to build this exercise up is to increase your steps with 10% every week. This is a perfect way to start, and you will be spending some good quality time with your little one.

Breastfeeding is an exercise too!

Believe it or not, but breastfeeding does make you burn calories. Not just a few calories but between 500 and 800 a day while you produce milk. The easiest way of burning calories right?

Exercises after 6 weeks 

When your baby is 6 weeks old, you can start doing light exercises. However, before doing this, consult with your doctor. Your internal organs have moved a lot and that is why you need to give it time to heal. The most important thing is that you start feeling stronger physically. It does not mean that you need to start doing heavy exercise with weights, not at all! Instead, start with cardio in combination with muscle strengthening exercise. Practice pilates and yoga as it will help you to get flexible and strong. You could add a little bit of cardio to your plan as well, when you feel like you might not burn enough calories with yoga and Pilates.

Embrace the new you

Getting back into shape might seem important. But even more important than that is embracing yourself and appreciating your achievement. It is natural for your body to change and these changes could also look really good, if you start appreciating them. Your body just put a baby on this planet, how cool is that! Take the time to recover completely and start exercising only when you feel mentally ready for this. Remember to be yourself and enjoy this new phase of life!