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Morning Sickness

Congrats you are pregnant! There lies a wonderful journey ahead of you. However, pregnancy has its pleasant and less pleasant sides. One of those things is morning sickness which starts pretty early when you are pregnant. Feeling nauseous and like vomiting are all part of your pregnancy. But don’t worry, in his blog we will provide you with the best tips, tricks and remedies to go through this process smoothly.

What is morning sickness? The best thing to start with is; what is morning sickness actually? Feeling sick in the morning you might think but, that’s not completely true. Feeling nauseous and like vomiting can be at any time of the day. For some ladies it’s less frequent than for others. The reason that this happens is mainly because of a rise in hormones (Estrogen), low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia) and your sense of smell. Yes, you read it right! During pregnancy your sense of smelling becomes more sensitive which causes nausea. Some good news is that morning sickness is more likely to occur during your first trimester and starts to get less during your second trimester. 

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Food to ease morning sickness

There will be times during your pregnancy that the morning sickness will be horrible however, there are some quick and simple remedies to ease that with food. One of the most effective spices is ginger which eases the stomach. This can be ginger tea, ginger ale or ginger sweets and you can feel the effect of it quite fast. Salty crackers are a good alternative for snacks and you can take time at any moment. In addition try to eat carbs and protein rich food such as meat, eggs and dairy food. But, try to avoid spicy food and also that is too warm. Eating your meals at room temperature is perfect. The most important tip is to eat small portions but often in combination with hydration. Keep that water drinking and try to brush if possible after having a meal. This will help to avoid flavours to stay in your mouth which then might cause nausea.

As tempting as it is to lay down after a meal, don’t do it! Try to sit upright as long as you can after a meal as it will help your body to digest the food and avoid feelings of sickness.


Peace comes with relaxation. Try not to exhaust yourself and take things step by step. You are pregnant now and will be less productive than before and that is okay. Rearrange your schedule and slow down. Try to give yourself more time for example when waking up. If you wake up at 7, try to put an alarm for 6 and give yourself an hour to get out of bed. Listen to the signs your body is giving and give yourself moments of rest. Even if it’s a powernap during lunch, why not?

Embrace it

The degree of morning sickness varies for every woman. For some ladies it becomes difficult to eat throughout the day due to vomiting and others don’t experience much. In the coming months your body is going to experience so many changes but, don’t let this be a reason to ruin the excitement you have the arrival of your little one. Instead accept that this is a part of pregnancy and embrace it, try to cope up with these changes and don’t forget to prioritise your well-being!