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This is how parents around the world get their babies to sleep

There is no way to prepare for the sleepless nights that come with parenthood. In the first months of their lives, it is not uncommon for babies to wake up multiple times per night. This brings a challenge for new parents. Interested in how parents around the world deal with this problem, the writer of this article spoke to 5 mothers from around the world to ask them for their tips for getting their babies to sleep. A few topics that are discussed:

- Chamomille tea

- Reading fairytales

- Singing songs

- Covering the baby with the mother's shawl instead of a blanket, so they can recognize their mother's scent

- Using White Noise apps that mimic soothing sounds such as water, rain and sea wind

- Letting the baby sleep in a sleep sack which allows them to feel cozy and safe

- Opening the windows to let in fresh air so the room is fresh and cool

- Sleep training

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What is your trick to get your baby to sleep?