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First travel with your baby

There is nothing as exciting as the first trip together as a new family. Exploring and enjoying new places with your baby, there is nothing better than that. It will be a whole new experience for you and your partner but don’t worry, with the following tips and tricks your trip will become a memorable one for sure. The most important thing to remember is that you enjoy this experience and time with your little one.

Book a child friendly hotel

When booking a vacation, especially when booking an all-in-one  travel deal, pay extra attention to the hotel. It is really important that the place you are going to stay is kids friendly. This has many benefits which will make your trip much more relaxed. For example look for amenities such as kids meals, a shallow baby pool, kids club, playground, kids friendly staff and also essential facilities such as a crib. Also, child friendly hotels are often located in an ideal spot; near the city centre or beach which makes it easier to travel. In case you forget something important such as the sun screen, then having the hotel nearby at such a moment is ideal.

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Research your airlines

Rules and policies vary for every airline. So, do good research before booking with that particular airline. For example, some airlines don’t charge infants and others do charge a small amount. Also, the baggage policies are different for every airline. Thus, do some solid research to prevent having surprises at the airport.

Book flights according your baby’s routine

When booking a flight, the best timing would be either an early or a late flight as the chances are big that your child is sleeping at that moment and won’t even realise that they just got flown to another country. So, try to book flights according to your child’s routine but in the end, don’t depend on it.

Avoid overpacking

You probably feel like packing the whole house and brining it along with you on your holiday, but we would suggest not to make it unnecessarily difficult. Just bring enough to survive the first few days and after that buy some more on your vacation. This will make packing so much easier and lighter to carry as well. And you never know that half the things you feel like carrying might already be available at your destination. Also, don’t worry too much about bringing a bunch of toys with you, at a young age kids don’t even realise the difference between a real toy and some random object. So, why not give them a bottle of water to play with? 😉

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Bring your own pharmacy

It’s the first time your baby is traveling and as parents you want to make sure that the entire vacation runs smoothly for your baby. Don’t be scared but it happens to everyone that you are not feeling well at times. You might need prescriptions abroad to get a certain medicine and that is not what you are waiting for. A minimum quantity of baby Paracetamol should be fine.

Bring snacks

When your little one is happy, your journey will be a lot smoother. Therefore, we would suggest to always make sure to bring some snacks that your child likes. Snacks are almost always allowed by the airport security. Since it will be your first time traveling together, and you don’t know what the reaction of your baby will be during the flight, snacks will be a perfect tool for distraction.

Use priority boarding

Almost all airlines allow priority boarding for travellers with infants or young kids. Use this privilege optimally! It makes a huge difference to store your luggage and get settled in an empty flight rather than a jam-packed one. It will save you much more time and make sure your holiday starts relaxed.

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Sit on the aisle side

The most preferable seat while travelling with your baby is on the aisle side. Babies are unpredictable and since this will be the first time for your child too, you don’ know what to expect. Your baby could  sleep the entire flight, or maybe they prefer to move around a little. To play it safe, the aisle seat is the best seat especially for longer flights. This way you can easily move around when you need to change a diaper or breastfeed.

Breastfeed to reduce ear pressure

During take-off and landing the change in air pressure might bring about some discomfort for your little one. Luckily there is a trick to reduce this discomfort: breastfeeding during take-off and landing. By doing so, your baby will remain calm during the journey.

Bring a comfortable  buggy

The secret to a comfortable trip is bringing a lightweight, compact buggy along with you. Travelling with a buggy will make your life so much easier during your vacation. If your child feels tired, they can sleep in the buggy whilst you discover lovely places together with your partner. You can also easily bring along a nursery bag and of course your shopping bags! When choosing a buggy  that is designed for travelling, we would recommend you to try out the Easywalker Miley. The Miley is very lightweight, compact and you only need one hand to fold it into a cabin-size package which you can carry over your should with the integrated shoulder strap. This way you can easily carry both your baby and buggy onto the plane. And that’s not all; the fabrics are made of recycled plastic bottles, so whilst discovering new cities with your new family, you’re contributing to a sustainable environment. So, what are you waiting for?

Read more about Miley here:

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