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What are the differences between strollers and buggies?

We are often asked about the differences between strollers and buggies - what ages suit which models best and the most important features of each kind. 

To help you decide which Easywalker product is right for your growing family, we’ve put together a useful guide with everything you need to know. 

Easywalker strollers: seeing the world with your newborn

A stroller is suitable from birth until around when your baby starts walking. Our strollers can be used with either a carrycot or a seat, so your baby stays comfortable as they start to grow and develop. Easywalker carrycots are suitable for children up to 6 months (with a weight up to 9kg). 


One of the loveliest aspects of a stroller is that the baby can be seated facing you or facing the world. So you can bond and gaze into their big eyes, or amaze them with new sights and experiences of the world around them, depending on the day and how you both feel. 


Strollers have extra storage capacity to carry the (many) things a new parent needs, so you always feel ready to seize the day.


Which stroller to choose for your baby? 

Our popular strollers include Jimmey, Charley, MINI Stroller and Harvey³. When only the very best is good enough, Harvey³ Premium includes even more luxurious details within the Harvey³ collection.


If you have more than one child, Harvey³ and Harvey³ Premium can actually be converted into double strollers, with an easy-to-use extension set. All of our strollers can also be used with a car seat (with the correct adaptor), so you don’t have to wake your baby up from a peaceful car nap when you arrive at your destination! 


Easywalker Buggies: There for you as your baby grows

Once your baby is a little bigger, they can transition into a buggy. Buggies are lighter and easier to fold, with smaller wheels than strollers. All of our buggies, like the MINI Buggy SNAP transform into a lightweight, self-standing bundle. 

As they are more compact, Buggies are practical for urban environments and travelling with your little one. Buggies generally have less storage space onboard than the larger strollers, as you begin to travel (a little) lighter. 

While the seats start upright, they are fully reclinable for young children to nap on the go after nursery or playtime. 

Which buggy is right for you?

Our in-demand buggies include the sophisticated Miley² and Jackey as well as our MINI by Easywalker range - SNAP and GO, designed for urban nomads.

From added fun for toddlers with the clip on steering wheel to hands free navigation with the phone holder, there are an abundance of different accessories to customise your buggy to match your changing needs.

Parent Tip: Curious to find out more? If you’re looking for a stroller - read all about our different models on the Easywalker website. Thinking of changing to a buggy? Compare and contrast Miley2 and Jackey over on our blog.