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Walk with Marc - Parents of Easywalker

In this month’s edition of the ‘Walk With’’ we are going to take a walk with Marc Serrurier Schepper. Marc is the Commercial Director at Easywalker and father of two lovely kids Jens (9,5) and Elise (7,5). In this interview we will see the journey of parenting through the perspective of our lovely dad Marc.


1. What does a normal day look like for you?

6:15 Wake up and try (if I feel like) to do some sort of exercise

6:45 Take a shower and get ready

7:15 Wake up the kids, have breakfast with them & make the lunch for the kids

8:00 We leave for school and I drop them off and drive to work

8:45–17:30 I am in the office or with customers

18:30 Cook dinner so we can eat around 19:00

19:30 We play some games with the kids

20:00 Bedtime for the kids

20:30-00:00 parents time, chill, do some sports, watch some tv etc.

2. In what way did becoming a parent change you?

Everything changed. We moved out of our 55 m2 house in Amsterdam South to live in the quiet suburbs. We needed more space and wanted a garden in a more quiet place to raise the kids.

When it was just the two of us, we used to go out for dinner 3 times a week and had very spontaneous weekends and holidays. Since we have children, we have to plan and organize everything in advance.

Everything was so new and it took time to adjust. I suddenly had to worry about raising the kids and make sure my kids grow up in a good environment. Life became a bit more serious and I felt the responsibility to provide a good life for my family.

3. How do you combine your career with parenting?

I still work 40+ hours a week. My wife decided to work 3 days a week so, she takes care of the kids twice a week and the other 3 days they go to school care. I try to spend time with the kids in the evening and in the weekends as much as possible.

4. Did your priorities change after becoming a parent?

Yes, in every possible way. I had to make sure my family was living a good life. Previously, it was more about me and my wife. Now our happiness comes after that of our kids.

5. What is a lesson you have learned from your children?

Children are so pure by heart. They don’t care about religion, race or sexuality. If you are nice to them, they will be nice to you. It is great to see that they don’t judge people and that is how it should be!

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6. Easywalker is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. If you could give your kids some advice for when they turn 30, what would this advice be?

Travel as much as you can! You can work for the rest of your life, so go out there and discover what’s out there. Meet people, have experiences and enjoy life. They should enjoy their work and making money should not be the goal. Instead, a happy life should be. That’s why they should focus on being happy rather than money.

7. What is something that you and your child bond over?

My son and I love Ajax. We watch every single game together and go to watch matches together pretty often. This was something I always wanted to do when I had kids.

8. How would your children describe you?

I am very funny, a bit crazy, not patient and I am always working or traveling .

9. Favorite activity you like to do with your kid(s)?

We are lucky to have a boat so, if the weather allows it we go for a sail and bring lots of food and drinks and swim all day.

10. What is a Golden Tip you would like to give to Mommy’s and Daddy’s to be?

Trust your instincts, discuss your ideas about parenting upfront and make sure to enjoy it!

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