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A practical guide to converting your stroller into duo mode

Written on February 7th by Nora Zougari

Did you know that our Harvey³ and Harvey³ Premium strollers can be converted into double strollers with our specially designed duo mode?


At Easywalker, it’s important that our products adapt with your growing family, whether you are expecting twins or welcoming a new baby brother or sister for your toddler. With sustainability at the forefront of our designs, it’s also important that our strollers can last you for years to come.


Our clever extension system means you can swap out the basket for a second carrycot, seat or car seat depending on your needs, leaving plenty of room for two little ones onboard! 


Harvey³ grows with you

Our most popular and stylish strollers, the Harvey³ and Harvey³ Premium can be customised any way you would like. Each stroller comes with a comfy seat, but can be completed with the carrycot (or premium carrycot) as an accessory or transformed from a single stroller into a double stroller with the duo extension set, available separately. 


The perfect combination

The extension set allows you to adapt our Harvey³ and Harvey³ Premium strollers with the following combinations:
- Two seats. Extend your stroller to fit two children by adding a second seat alongside the included stroller seat, for older babies who are able to sit independently (at around 6 months).
- Carrycot + Twin Carrycot. Both are suitable for babies up to 9 kg, or up to around 6 months old.
- Seat + Carrycot. The carrycot is suitable for babies up to 9 kg, or around 6 months and the seat is perfect for babies that can sit independently at around 6 months. 

Same smooth ride, double the fun

With large wheels and great suspension, Harvey³ drives like a dream on every surface. The stroller is easy to manoeuvre even with two kids on board in duo mode and can easily be upgraded with a set of all-terrain wheels for extra grip when you head out on a family adventure! 

Get ready to enjoy the ride

One of the greatest benefits of the Easywalker Harvey³ extension set is how easy it is to attach and dismantle, perfect for exploring the big city together with your babies at a moment’s notice. 

Convert your stroller by following these smooth and easy steps:
Step 1. Remove the rear axle with the wheels
Step 2. Attach the extension set to the frame and add wheels to the extension set.
Step 3. Attach the carrycot to the extension set
Step 4: Attach the seat to the frame
Step 5: Have fun! 


Parent Tip: The Harvey³ and Harvey³ Premium strollers can also be used with a car seat (using the appropriate adapter, available separately), so your baby can nap undisturbed while you’re on your way to your next adventure!  

Written on February 7th by Nora Zougari

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