Register your Easywalker

Last updated: 06-04-2023

Quality is the cornerstone of the Easywalker brand. This is why we offer lifetime warranty on our lines of strollers and buggies. Get your lifetime warranty now!

After you register with us, we offer Lifetime Warranty on our selection of strollers (Harvey⁵ Premium, Harvey⁵, Harvey³, Harvey², Jimmey, Rudey and Charley) and our buggies (Jackey², Jackey² XL, Jackey, Jackey XL, Jackey Special Editions, Miley and our MINI by Easywalker line of products).

Register your new Easywalker product on our website within six months after purchase, and you’re ready to enjoy carefree walks with your little one for a lifetime. Life is glorious, Let’s go!

Before you register your product, please have the following information available to process your registration correctly:

- Digital version of your proof of purchase (Please attach your receipt as PNG or JPG/JPEG)
- Batch number of your product

 Keep in mind, the verification of eligibility happens at the time a warranty claim is filed.

You can read more about the lifetime warranty HERE