Life is glorious. Let’s go.


It's about the journey, right? To all new parents: We invite you to go out into the world and rediscover it through the eyes of your child. To travel, explore and move around together. to create a new bond and a lifetime of memories wherever you are, within the beautiful world around you. At Easywalker, our mission is simple: to make it easier for you and your child to move around together. We try our best to achieve this by designing affordable strollers and buggies that ride smoothly, are simple to use, and pleasing to the eye.

We believe that ultimately it is not the things that you own, but the moments that you experience together that matter the most. Life is glorious. Let's go.





Easywalker is founded in Amsterdam, when René Floore quits his job at his father’s butcher shop to develop a new stroller concept.


The Easywalker Classic is born, the first three-wheel stroller in Europe. The award-winning design completely changes how parents see baby strollers.


Daniel de Lange acquires Easywalker.


Collaboration with MINI leads to the launch of the MINI by Easywalker buggy.


Collaboration with Disney follows, leading to the launch of the Disney by Easywalker buggy.


Harvey, Easywalker’s signature stroller is launched.


Buggy XS, a super-compact folding buggy is added to the collection.


Charley, the smaller version of Harvey, is launched as a compact city alternative.


Harvey is awarded “Best Stroller” and “Best Buy” by the Dutch Consumers’ Association and receives the highest rating ever given to a stroller.


Still based in Amsterdam, we now meet the needs of parents in over 45 countries.

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