Frequently asked questions

Last updated: 11-03-2024
Can I use the footmuff in the carrycot?
The footmuff is only compatible with the seat, not with the carrycot. It is therefore not possible to fit this accessory in the carrycot.

Can I fold the stroller/buggy with the footmuff inside?
We do not recommend folding any of our strollers with a footmuff or any accessory attached, as it will not close properly.

How do I install the Easywalker universal footmuff?
You can fit the footmuff properly by placing the harnesses through the footmuff. Depending on the model of your stroller/buggy, you can attach the top of the footmuff with the straps and put these through the loops on the top of the seat.

Can I use the Harvey extension set with my Jimmey or buggy?
No, unfortunately this extension set is only compatible with our Harveys 1,2,3 and 5.
See our webpage:

I want to purchase the Harvey5 with a closed basket.
The Harvey 5 comes with an open basket, only the Harvey Premium comes with a closed basket.
However, the closed basket can be purchased separately by contacting our customer service.
Please fill in the contact form on our website: Contact (

Are the carrycots and seats of the Harvey compatible with the other Harvey's?
Yes, you can use any of our Harvey carrycots or seats on another Harvey.
Example: if you have the Harvey² frame, you can place the Harvey5 seat on it.

Why does the Carrycot of the Harvey 5/Jimmey come without a Canopy or Bumper bar?
We try to reduce our global footprint by using the same canopy and bumper bar on the seat and carrycot. Since the carrycot canopy and seat canopy are the same, you can use the it for both products.

Which wheels are compatible with my Harvey, Harvey², Harvey³ or Harvey5?
The Harvey³ wheels are compatible with the Harvey and Harvey². However, this requires all 4 wheels to be replaced, as these are a different size.
The Harvey5 wheels are not compatible with previous models. Nor vice versa.

Can you lift the Harvey/Jimmey carrycot with the bumper bar when the baby is inside?
You can carry the carrycot with a baby inside up to 9 kg. The carrycot and bumper bar have been tested for this.
Before lifting/carrying the carrycot, always check that the bumper bar is securely fitted.

Which buggy is compatible with the airline standards?
Our Miley² can be used as hand luggage.
However, we cannot guarantee that all airlines will accept it as hand luggage, as the dimensions vary from airline to airline.
Therefore, you should check with the respective airline prior to your trip.

On which strollers/buggies can I use an Easyboard?
The Easyboard is compatible with all Easywalker strollers. However, it is not compatible with the Jackey, Jackey², Miley², Jackey XL or Jackey² XL.

Can I attach the Easyboard to the Harvey, Harvey², Harvey³ or Harvey5 when I use it in duo mode?
No, the rear axle will be covered with the extra seat or carrycot therefore, there will not be enough space to fit the Easyboard.

Can I fold the stroller with the carrycot?
Before folding your stroller, you must remove the carrycot. Only then can you fold the frame.

When can I start using the seat of the stroller instead of the carrycot?
The carrycot can be used for babies up to 9 kg or when your child outgrows the carrycot. If your child outgrows the carrycot, you can use the seat on the stroller in a horizontal position until the baby can sit on their own. Only then you can put the seat in an upright position. The seat can carry up to a maximum weight of 22 kg.

How much weight can I transport in my basket?
The basket of our strollers can hold up to 10kg and the buggies, 5kg.

The car seat I want to use does not appear in the compatibility list
There are an incredibly large number of car seats on the market. Unfortunately, we cannot test them all. Therefore, we cannot give you any more information and/or guarantee. You can contact the shop where you bought the car seat. They usually know very well which products are suitable for our adapters.

Are the air wheels also compatible with other products?
The air wheels are compatible with the Harvey5 and Jimmey.

What is the best way to look after my product?
We advise you to clean your product regularly. We recommend using a damp cloth and, if necessary, a mild detergent.

The wheels and the joint mount of the wheels often become dirty through everyday use. The front wheels should therefore be removed regularly and cleaned with lukewarm water. Before refitting the wheels, please ensure that all parts are completely dry.

We also recommend spraying the wheel axle/piston lightly with oil or a silicone spray to keep it smooth. Please avoid exposing your product to extreme temperatures.

The product is not resistant to salt water. Never treat with bleach or dry cleaning.
All fabrics can be removed and washed. Before washing, please ensure that all fastenings, foam, plastic, or metal parts are separated from the fabric. Please follow the washing instructions on the labels of the individual parts.
If it rains, you should always protect the product from moisture with a rain cover. If your product is still wet due to rain or after cleaning, please never fold it up, but leave it set up until it is completely dry.

Please find here instruction videos on how to remove and re-attach the fabrics:

Jackey and Mini buggy Snap
How to remove fabrics

How to put fabrics back on

Miley, Miley² and Mini buggy go
How to remove fabrics

How to put fabrics back on

Harvey, Harvey², Harvey³ and Harvey5.
How to take off seat and canopy fabrics

How to put on seat and canopy fabrics

Please note that we do not have specific videos for all products but we are sure that these videos can help you. Otherwise, please contact us via the following link: Contact (

How can I buy spare parts that are not available in the online shop?
If you cannot find the part you are looking for on our website, please fill out our contact form: Contact (
We will be happy to help you.

How do I know if my lifetime warranty registration was successful?
You will receive an email following your registration. Please also check the spam folder in case you haven't received it.

I have something to complain about but have no proof of purchase.
Unfortunately, we cannot process your complaint under the warranty without proof of purchase. However, we do offer a repair service, please fill in the contact form for more information: Contact (